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Alex started this company in 2012, cleaning windows out of his Yaris. The business now has over 300 happy customers and, as its grown, his family have taken on various rolls to support the business. He takes great pride in his work, seeing it as a personal reflection of his own qualities, and wanting to maintain the high standard and reputation that he has spent years cultivating.



Since Alex married Lottie in 2018, she has taken over the administration role and the business has flourished going from strength to strength. She is very organised, making sure jobs are done on time. She'll even text you to let you know when they're coming and is the friendly face dealing with any quotes or queries. She also works part time for the NHS at the local hospital.



Isaac (who is Lottie's cousin) started working with Alex straight out of school and now has over a year of experience behind him. One advantage of working with family is the mutual trust and respect thats been built over the years and this is reflected through the service they provide.

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What is pure water and how does it work?

Pure water is simply water that has been filtered, but to a high degree. The standard is measured in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and how many Parts there are Per Million (PPM). Typically, in our area, tap water is between 200-300ppm. The water we use goes through a reverse osmosis filter which brings it down to around 50ppm, but this still isn't clean enough to clean windows. It then goes through a de-ionising resin filter and comes out at 0ppm.

So what does this mean for you? We then scrub the windows, including the frames and sills, which loosens all the dirt. We can then use the pure water to wash off any remaining particles. Once the pure water has dried, it leaves no marks or streaks behind, leaving your windows crystal clear!

Can the reach and wash method damage my windows?

This is a question we get asked a lot, especially from customers who have had a bad experience in the past. The answer is yes, but only if improperly used. For example, you'd happily use a Brillo pad on your pots and pans, but wouldn't dream of using it on your car paint work. Similarly, there are various brushes we can use for various frames. UPVC frames are by far the most robust so can withstand a decent scrub and, being the most common, the majority of window cleaning brushes are designed for use with these style frames. However, these brushes are too rough to use on painted wooden frames and also some leaded windows. For this you need a specific brush which is specially designed to be less abrasive and therefore, will not damage your windows or frames.
Why don't all window cleaners use these brushes then, you may ask? One thing can be the cost. Not only are they more expensive, but they also need to be replaced more frequently. It may also be that, unfortunately, some window cleaners are unaware of this yet, perhaps due to inexperience.

How regularly do I need my windows cleaned?

This can vary depending on a variety of circumstances. How close to a busy road are you? Do you have trees or large bushes nearby? The majority of our customers have their windows cleaned once a month as they find this keeps the high standard they've come to expect. Others find that they only need them done once every two or three months. Whatever your situation, we can schedule them to suit you! We like to work on a monthly schedule. Our customers find this makes things like budgeting and planning easier.
What if I change my mind? Thats fine as well! Some customers have it done more frequently during the winter months and less during the summer. Our service is tailored to you!

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